January 2022 Update

This week as been a record week for us here at Valley-Town Comics. We have sold more comics to happy customers this week than all of last December. That is very exciting for us as we had just started selling on this website last November. We have had our share of hiccups with things like how we have decided to run things and how we want to present our products to everyone, and that in itself effects how smoothly things run. We've made a lot of awesome friends and met a lot of cool peeps who contact us daily about comics, products and ask us to do market research on specific Items, this is also very important. We have Learned that not only does it provide a strong bond with your community of followers and customers it also keeps you in the loop of the rise and fall of market prices depending on economical situations. Such as the other day we recently learned that the "Ultimate Spider-Man #1 White Variant Cover" is soon to surge in price and our market research has pinpointed that. Several factors play into this, such as 1) Availability and rareness, 2) demand for the character 3) The importance of obtaining this issue within an economical lull in the market. 

In essence we have learned so much within the past couple months about our niche that our sales are starting to reflect that, right down to how we even run and navigate the website. we still have our share of bug fixes that we have to work out that got us off on the wrong foot since day 1, such as miscategorization of products on the website and how we keep our inventory in the warehouse. Facebook promotions have also been helpful and the need for an easy way for our customers to interact with us, whatever your best sales channel is, take care of that, make sure you are trusted by your community and create an easy way for them to contact you, we have made regulars at our shop and very important business connections through our sales channels. It has also created an easy way for us to obtain customer feedback and input, which has also affected us in our decisions on how we move forward with our business. 

I hope you all have found this information useful and insightful. Thank you all, goodnight and as always "HAPPY COLLECTING!"

-John Owner/Operator

Valley-Town Comics 

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