November 2021 Updates.

Hey There True Beleivers!,

It is now officially November of 2021, we are gearing up for our cyber Monday sale, during cyber Monday we will release a tag at the top of our home page for 30% off the ENTIRE WEBSITE! You read that right 30%. We still have many more cgc comics on the way that should be here sometime next week, we also have a new layout to our website that is optimized for mobile devices as well as desktops. We also have a bunch of fantastic four stuff coming in so if your a fan of fantastic four your chance to get really clean issues is coming up! Also take the time to check out our new cgc collection they are going fast, and there is only 1 of each. Also as you guys know it is our POLICY to have every item scanned in so you see exactly what your getting, no duplicates, no false grades, you get the exact comic that is in the scan. As always your favorite hometown online comic shop is continuing to work hard for you guys. If your looking for some of the newer stuff we suggest visiting your LCS as we like to get along with them too, which reminds me I have to give a HUGE shout out to Nirvana Comics of Knoxville for making the cut and being such a wonderful well set up shop with friendly people. 

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