Our Journey

We wanted to do something for our community, locally and abroad. We didn't have the funds for a brick and mortar building, (unfortunately due to several factors) so we made our way the only way we knew how, with the tools that were available to us. After a couple years selling comics through outlets like ebay and Mercari, we found our own little "Hole in the web wall" to bring you your favorite "hometown online comic shop" no matter where you may be. It hasn't been an easy road, but we are still on it anyway doing what we love to do, BUY AND SELL COMICS!! I'm not much of a writer, but I am a well wisher to the max and hoping to bring you the best online comic shopping experience. One advantage is that no one else can thumb through our stuff but the staff, so you get products that are NEAT, CLEAN and FIDDLED WITH MINIMALLY. I really hope you enjoy our little online store front, please be patient as we continue to upload more products often, we are BRAND NEW, each one is scanned in individually and then populated individually, so it takes a while, but I believe its the way to go to present our products, so that you know your not just buying whatever from some cell phone snap from a dude in his moms basement. we pour our heart and soul into this, so we hope you find what your looking for very fast and efficiently!
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