Cleaning and Pressing

Cleaning and pressing offers amazing results if done the right way. Whether your looking to upgrade the appearance for display purposes or your getting books ready to send off to get graded don't worry we can help you with our service! Here is how it works.

First choose comics from your collection.

There are a few things you should know about choosing comics from your collection to send to us for cleaning and pressing. We do not accept every comic for this service. Denied comics will be sent back to the customer untouched, unclean and unpressed.

Book covers we do not accept :

  • Foil Covers
  • Embossed Covers
  • Signed Covers
  • Lenticular Covers
  • Holographic Covers
  • or any combination of those listed above

What happens with our service?

Our cleaning and pressing service includes only the front and back cover, nothing on the inside of the book, that would fall under the restoration category and we charge a different rate for that. 

Cleaning and Pressing Service Includes:

  • Front and back cover free of all foreign matter. dirt and debris. 
  • Staple cleaning and setting (if applicable)
  • Detailed photos of condition on arrival and after the service is preformed
  • Brand new BCW self sealing bag and boards
  • Insured shipping up to $5,000 (rates apply)

How does this process work?

We can't tell you details exactly of how we do things regarding industry secrets but we can tell you how we do business and these are the steps how the whole thing should go down. Start to finish.

  1. You may contact us either through our website or social media inquiring about cleaning and pressing.
  2. You will send us in your books, however way you feel comfortable doing so as long as we get them we will let you know upon arrival.
  3. Your books will be placed in the queue still packed and will not be unpacked until it is time to process them. We feel there is no need to unpack and expose them to unnecessary risk before it is their time to be cleaned and pressed.
  4. When it comes time for your books to be processed we will unpack them in our cleaning booth that provides adequate space, lighting, air quality and cleanliness that is necessary in order to do so.
  5. The first round of photos will be taken.
  6. They will get prepped to be cleaned.
  7. They will get cleaned and then moved to the pressing queue.
  8. They will get pressed.
  9. The 2nd round of photos will be taken to show the dramatic difference between arrival and after the process.
  10. They will get re-bagged and boarded and packed ready for shipping.
  11. You will be notified that your books are done being processed by our service
  12. You will be asked how much Insurance you would like to add to your package that will be added to the final total of the reserve item prior to checkout.
  13. A reserve item will be created for the service in our "reserves" section on our website. There you will be able to find your freshly cleaned and pressed books usually with your last name and a randomly generated number.
  14. Just add the reserve item for the service to your cart and follow the checkout process and you will get email updates for tracking information.

Photos Of Our Work?

It's true are website remains unfinished as it is a continuous work of progress and we are working on a gallery of past cleaning and pressing projects that we have done for other customers, until we get that page up and going, just ask for reference photos if you feel inclined to, Trust us you wont insult us by asking we take great pride in our work and love showing them off!

Are there any forms?

We only have one form to fill out. This form must be printed, filled out and included with your shipment you send us for cleaning and pressing. It Can be found in the link below.

Cleaning and Pressing Form

What are the Costs of this service?

Like any service there are costs. The first one you must consider is the shipping costs associated with getting it to us. If you don't have a way to get it to us we can provide you with a Gemini Mailer with a return label, otherwise getting it to us and the associated costs to do so is solely at your own discretion. Below you will find a chart that lays out basic costs for this service.

 Service Fee Per Comic Book

Add Rush to Orders


$10 (Per Book)


 Shipping Insurance (Per Return Package)

$100 Insurance Included
 $500 Insurance $5
$1000 Insurance $10
$1500 Insurance $15
$2,000 Insurance $20
$3,000 Insurance $40
$4,000 Insurance $65
$5,000 Insurance $90


Typical Shipping Costs (Exluded from Insurance at Checkout)

 Gemini Less than 10 oz $6.50
Gemini 11 oz to 16 oz $9.50
Gemini 1Lbs to 2Lbs Free Shipping


How do we contact for submittal?

There are a number of ways to contact us for Cleaning and Pressing submittal. You can either contact us using our contact page located in the menu at the top or from the drop down menu on mobile devices our contact page is located HERE. or you can find us on Facebook and use the social media's  messenger to contact us. You can get to our Facebook Page HERE. If any of those aren't convenient enough or unnavailable to you you may click on the floating chat button at any time located on our home page and throughout our website and someone will correspond with you at our convenience.

If your have any other questions or concerns please use the contact information provided above to reach out to us and let us know your concerns. Thank You and as always Happy Collecting!