DragonCon 2022

DragonCon 2022

September 1-5 2022

This year DragonCon was great! We got to meet back up with many of our friends from last year, see the wonderful artists again including Bendis, John Romita J.R, Scott Hanna, Mike Decarlo, Jeremy Clark, Jason Flowers, Bob Hall, Bobby Nash and many others. Many of which are good friends of ours like Bobby Nash, Cult of Dracula's Rich Davis and Night Terror's Tim Nardelli. We went as an Avenging Duo in my Pro Spider-Man cosplay and Billie went in a wicked Captain America cosplay. We even got to see The Cybertronic Spree. We didn't attend any panel's this year, mainly because of scheduling concerns and my attention span of a short worm. We hung out in the gaming area sometimes when we needed a little R&R from the con, and relaxed with a little D&D. But you didn't come to this blog post to hear all the juicy details of just my trip alone, you guys came here searching for official comic business right? That would mainly include what kind if any signatures we got, correct? Well, You will be surprised on what we did get signed this year, between a sea of people showing up and elbowing our way to the top floor of America's Mart, of course we had to take a few for ourselves to get signed, that would include our Amazing Spider-Man #700 that now has 12 signatures and our personal Amazing Spider-Man #36 9/11 Black Variant that now has 8 signatures and 3 sketches including Stan Lee's. Anywho, Here's Some Pics of the Adventure.

Sign in was a breeze

My Good Friend Bobby Nash got there around the same time I did.

Rich Davis of Cult of Dracula was also there to greet me with open arms. He also owns Nirvana Comics of Knoxville, you guys should check them out HERE if you get a chance.

Took forever but Bendis finally showed up and was gone again and here is a few of the things he signed for us.


John Romita JR getting emotional about how this is his and Scott Hanna's single most important issue (ASM #36 9/11 Black Variant) which him and Scott both Sketched and Signed. If you have a copy, and get a chance It's a terrific story and we'd prefer to let him tell it.

Bob Hall on the #700

Jon Bogdanove on some pretty sweet issues of Superman, one he submitted as a painting because he didn't have a sketch ready, nice cover and nice story behind that one.


Mike DeCarlo on the #700 for his brief works on ASM, for some reason we didnt know he was gonna be there and didn't bring any copies of The Simpson Comic's (mainly because they are waiting to be processed lol) We did hold a great conversation about the wild wonders of life and he gave me an ink sheet original of Marc Spector: Moon Knight #57 that he done and personalized it to me, so thats special.

Frank Cho wishing me a happy summer on the cover of #700 as he remarked it looked like a year book in high school.

Tim Nardelli of Night Terror, we may have an agreement to feature his work on our website soon. Tim is such a great artist and has really put in the work doing the art and all of the writing for his comic himself. So down to earth and really such a great person. We really enjoyed meeting you Tim! you can check out his work by scanning the QR code featured below!

We ran into Darth Maul Shortly Thereafter.

Out on the street I kept getting stopped by so many people wanting to take a pic and yelling "Spider-Man!" this was the only one we could get of ourselves unfortunately.

I even got a chance to recreate a meme lol

A really cool Setup in the Gaming area, It's where we go to respawn.

All in all this year's Dragoncon 2022 was pretty Epic. I hope to be at C3 in Chattanooga this year. If you guys are around we'd love to see you there!

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