About Us

Hello and Welcome to Valley-Town Comics!

We Wanted to do something for our community during the pandemic. As in our area you have to drive for over an hour to get to the closest comic shop. We wanted to make it fair for people shopping for comics online to be able to see detailed images of what it is your looking at, so we decided to scan in every comic so you get detailed images of everything. Also with our online selling experience with other websites we noticed the price hike of most comics, we want to let you know we are dedicated to staying true to the true value of comics as we mainly use the Overstreet price guide for our comics, so you know your getting a fair and decent deal. 

We are currently in our little town of Andrews North Carolina but we ship globally. If any of you are ever in the area and want to avoid shipping costs just message us on Facebook about local pickup, Shopify makes it easy for us to make a sale in person as well as online so that is not a problem. Please enjoy our store, and bare with us as we continue to upload our comics so the whole world can enjoy them. 

 Our Facebook Page: Valley-Town Comics

For Questions/Comments: support@valleytowncomics.com